What Is The State of Your 

We Can Show You it’s Full Potential

We Love Data without Fluff

Data has all of the answers you need to fine-tune your marketing strategy. Many clients have the data, but don’t know what it means. That is why we are here.

We Fine-Tune Strategies

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. From new ad formats to on-site adjustments for SEO. Our team helps you see what areas matter most.

We Keep Client Websites Afloat

With our team there is truly no dumb question. We are here to help you understand your strategy and that includes the little details.

We Know Marketing

With over 35 years of collective marketing experience, we have seen various agencies turn a profit from taking advantage of the resources at small businesses or large budgets of big companies. Enough is enough. We formed State of Marketing to help companies like yours truly understand the return of your marketing efforts and provide strategies to supplement your efforts, expand your marketing budgets effectively or allow you to ask questions without getting a sales pitch or the same old story.

Top-Notch Talent

Consider our team your big agency without all of the fluff and middle men that drive you crazy. With over 30 years of combined experience we have perfected our process on getting to the details that matter most for improving our clients’ marketing strategy.

State of the launch

The majority of clients that come to State of Marketing have the data they need to make their marketing strategy great, but either don’t know how to access the information or the agency they work with is only providing fluff. If you aren’t ready for an audit or one of our service packages, that’s okay. If you think we might be a good fit then let’s talk. We love coffee! 

Who We work with

We have had the opportunity to work clients across a wide range of industries.
It is truly an honor to work with so many passionate business owners!


View our pricing packages to get started today or visit our contact page to drop us a line. We will be in touch shortly to assist you with your setup or to see if we are a good fit.

A Kansas City based marketing consultancy designed to help you understand and improve the state of your marketing.

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