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During our work across a variety of agencies and companies in Kansas City, we started to identify gaps in the marketing and reporting processes. Answers to questions clients didn’t know to ask or shortcomings that were glossed over for simplicity. Our team always put the client first and went above and beyond. That drive and passion brought us to where we are today.

Over the years, conversations about putting the client first, always demanding better of ourselves and delivering a quality product not just tring to put money in our pockects empowered us to form State of Marketing.

Kyle Andrew


Bethany Andrew



Meet our mascot Chuck, when hes not hanging around by our contact forms he can be found…well we lose him alot due to his ability to camouflage or adapt to his environment. That is what makes Chuck the ideal member of the State of Marketing team.

A Kansas City based marketing consultancy designed to help you understand and improve the state of your marketing.

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